Taoist master You XuanDe is the 14th generation Grandmaster of Wudang XuanWu Pai. Coming from a family with a strong tradition in martial arts, You XuanDe had been practicing martial arts since childhood. When he turned 18 he was already assisting his father in training the Chinese Special Forces. Even though his knowledge was already on an advanced level, he left home to seek even more guidance by great masters. After studying Wudang Boxing with Wang Wei Shen, the inheritor of Wudang SongXi Pai, he was strongly recommended to go and learn at the place of origin of Wudang martial arts – Wudangshan.
At the mountain, his teachers were the foremost Wudang Taoists of their time: Tong Shen Wang (a hermit at Wudang Temple), Zhu Cheng De (Taoist headmaster) and Lu Ming Dao (who lived more than 100 years). During the 1990s, Grandmaster You demonstrated in many exhibitions and shows in helping to spread the culture and practices of Wudang all over China.
His teachings are based on Taoist principles and Chinese Medicine. Every movement has a practical application which underlines the heritage of Wudang Pai as an effective martial/fighting art. Grandmaster You XuanDe is now resident at south Wudangshan, close to Wuhan.