Wudang Secret Tai Chi 64 Form (wǔdāng mìchuán 64 shì tàijí, 武当秘传64式太极)

The course is limited to no more than 10 people. After the first 10 deposits have been received, no additional bookings will be considered.

Course Dates: 10 September until 12 October 2018
Course fee: 10’000 CNY  Tuition includes meals and accommodation. The room arrangements will be made on a first come first served basis.
Special offers for groups:

  • 5% discount for groups with at least 3 persons
  • 10% discount for groups with 5 or more persons

Booking deposit (non-refundable): 1’000 CNY (per person) will be subtracted from the course tuition upon arrival.

Content of Study

  1. Wudang Secret Tai Chi 64 Form (wǔdāng mìchuán 64 shì tàijí, 武当秘传64式太极)
  2. Basic exercises (jīběngōng, 基本功)
  3. Wudang internal training (nèijiā gōngfǎ, 内家功法), like relaxation exercises (fàngsōnggōng, 放松功)
  4. Taoist breathing technique (dàojiā tǔnà, 道家吐纳)
  5. Kung Fu skills training (gōnglǐ, 功力), incl. finger-strengthening, body-knocking (massage), explosive power (fālì, 发力)
  6. Correction of movements allows novice practitioners to advance their skills quickly and effectively.
  7. Martial applications of the form’s movements will be explained in depth.
  8. Foundational Tai Chi practices taught: sparring (sǎnshǒu, 散手) & grappling (qínná, 擒拿)
  9. Tai Chi Push Hands (tuīshǒu, 推手) with practical application
  10. Kung Fu theory (gōngfu lǐlùn, 功夫理论)
  11. General knowledge on Taoist traditions. Understanding the meaning of Dao, Tai Chi, Yin/Yang, and the embodiment of Yin and Yang within the practice of Taijiquan
  12. Certificate of Study

Goals for Course Completion

Once completed, students will perform the Tai Chi 64 Form proficiently and demonstrate the applications associated with it. They will also have an understanding of Qi cultivation and how it applies to Tai Chi and Yin/Yang (阴/阳).

About Wudang Michuan Taijiquan (武当秘传太极拳)

Wudang Michuan Taijiquan originates from the Wudang mountains and has been passed down through the lineage of XuanWu Pai. It is an inner-door practice that has historically been guarded within Taoistic circles and seldom taught outwardly.

This Taijiquan form incorporates clear and practical movements, harmonizing health cultivation, body-strengthening, and martial applications within one practice. It is easy to learn, and easy to practice, suitable for all ages, male and female, alike.

Wudang Michuan Taijiquan involves expansive movements, that are light and graceful, with full-bodied, circular, reeling motions, all in a continuous flow. Thus, embodying the Yin/Yang aspects to Taiji within the opening and closing, advancing and retreating, rising and falling, the full and the empty, and the interchange between each of these pairs. Through long-term practice, one’s tendons will soften and one’s bones will strengthen, one’s blood and Qi will flow more smoothly, the DānTián (丹田) will become full and energetically vibrant, one’s footsteps and stances will become both rooted and stable, yet at the same time light and nimble, one’s limbs and body will relax and soften, whilst gaining greater mobility and agility, the internal organs within the body will balance along with the balancing of Yin and Yang, such that ‘the one-hundred ailments’ will no longer afflict one’s body, reaping the benefits of health and longevity, as well as body conditioning and self-defense. It is truly a treasure of China’s cultural tradition, the quintessence of Taoistic wisdom.