We offer numerous programs to suit everyone’s needs. Training objectives will be discussed with Master Tang so he can create the best possible training plan to match your goals and abilities. If you have previously obtained XuanWu Pai knowledge, and desire to get input on your forms or techniques, Master Tang will be happy to assist you.

All instruction is one-on-one taught by Master Tang Li Long.

Health and Wellness Program

The Academy’s Health and Wellness Program is specifically designed for people who are primarily interested in improving their health or recovering from injuries. Master Tang is happy to tailor an individual health improvement plan to meet your specific needs. Before arrival, please disclose the nature of any injuries or health concerns so we can discuss them before your arrival.

We highly recommend that you speak with your primary care physician before starting a new fitness regiment with us.

Short-Term Program

Short-term students have a few options to choose from. Program offerings will be based on the practitioner’s previous knowledge and skill level. Please contact us so we can discuss a plan that’s right for you.

Upcoming Special Short-Term Programs

The school offers the following special courses, which offer the in-depth teaching of very sophisticated techniques from the XuanWu Pai lineage.

Course Starting Date Days Fee in Cabin
(3 Pers. Room)
Fee for Dorm
Wudang Bagua Zhang 15th November – 19th December 2019 35 8800 CNY 8500 CNY

Notice: It is no problem to come 3 to 7 days later than the official start of course, you will still be able to learn the whole set.

Disciple Program

This program provides the practitioner with a strong foundation in XuanWu Pai Kung Fu. Dedicated students who are able to commit to training at the academy long term have the option to become a disciple of Master Tang. The amount of time to complete the entire training program varies but it can be completed in as little as 3 years.

Basic Training

Throughout the entirety of your training, basics will constantly be repeated ensuring that a solid foundation is established.

  1. Basic exercises (jīběngōng, 基本功)
  2. Wudang internal training (nèijiā gōngfǎ, 内家功法)
  3. Taoist breathing technique (dàojiā tǔnà, 道家吐纳)
  4. Taoist exercises involving breathing, stretching and self-massage (dǎoyǐn, 导引)
  5. Taoist sitting and standing meditation
  6. Kung Fu theory (gōngfu lǐlùn, 功夫理论)


Section One

  1. Wudang Simplify 18 Form (wǔdāng jīngjiǎn 18 shì, 武当精简18式)
  2. Wudang Secret Tai Chi 36 Form (wǔdāng mìchuán 36 shì tàijí, 武当秘传36式太极)
  3. Basic Wudang Push Hands (tuīshǒu, 推手) one and two hand pattern

Section Two

  1. Wudang Xingyi Five Elements Fist (wǔdāng xíngyì wǔxíng quán, 武当形意五行拳)
  2. Wudang Xingyi Pao Chui Fist (wǔdāng xíngyì páochuí quán, 武当形意炮捶拳)
  3. Wudang Push Hands (tuīshǒu, 推手) moving steps
  4. Wudang Freestyle Fighting (wǔdāng sǎnshǒu, 武当散手)

Section Three

  1. Basic Wudang Swordplay (jiànfǎ, 剑法)
  2. Wudang Tai Chi Serial Sword (wǔdāng tàijí liánhuán jiàn, 武当太极连环剑)
  3. Wudang Elixir Sword (wǔdāng dān jiàn, 武当丹剑)
  4. Basic Joint-Lock Techniques (qínná, 擒拿)


Section Four

  1. Basic Wudang Bagua Turning Palms (jīběn wǔdāng bāguà zhuǎndòngzhǎng, 基本武当八卦转动掌)
  2. Wudang Bagua Zhang (wǔdāng bāguàzhǎng, 武当八卦掌)

Section Five

  1. Wudang Taiyi Free Palm (wǔdāng táiyǐ xiāoyáo zhǎng, 武当太乙逍遥掌)

Section Six

  1. Wudang Six Directions Saber Skills (wǔdāng liùhé dāofǎ, 武当六合刀法)
  2. Wudang Black Warrior Staff (wǔdāng xuánwǔ gùn, 武当玄武棍)


Section Seven

  1. Wudang Taiyi Horsetail Whisk (wǔdāng tàiyǐ fúchén, 武当太乙拂尘)
  2. Wudang Secret Tai Chi 64 Form (wǔdāng mìchuán 64 shì tàijí, 武当秘传64式太极)

Section Eight

  1. Wudang Tai Chi 72 Form (wǔdāng zhàobǎo 72 shì tàijí, 武当赵堡72式太极)

Section Nine

  1. Wudang Taiyi Cotton Palm (wǔdāng tàiyǐ mián zhǎng, 武当太乙绵掌)

After the disciple program, you still can learn more: