Following a strange 2020 Wudang Gong Fu & Health Academy is pleased to announce that its first online course will be available for purchase. Following the very strange year of 2020 where no one was allowed to travel freely, so the academy has tried to accommodate training at home with the first online course. This is a trial project so we would be more than happy for all the feedback you could come up with! The very first online course is an introduction to the 13 Wudang taijiquan form. The 13 form has a special place in the Xuan Wu Pai lineage, as it focuses on the basic movements to improve and work on the basics to better understand and perform the Wudang martial art. So this form is perfect for a beginner, but also great for an experienced performer to remember and improve their basics.

The first online course is aimed at teaching you the basic movements of this 13 form and honing your skill in the movements. All presented in a way that will let you practice on your own, at home, or with your friends and family. Since we can not travel so much at the moment the academy hopes that you are still able to train at home, and if you need some more inspiration or new material to work with, this first course will help you on your way!


Here is a short introduction to the online course:

Information about the video

Duration: 8 min

Language: Chinese

Subtitles: English

Price: 500RMB (same as tuition for one day)
(Price in Euro: 67)
(price in Dollar: 82)

How to pay:
Since we don’t have a normal store you will have to pay by bank transfer. After the payment has been completed please send a copy with proof of the transaction and I will send you the online lecture. Or you can contact us at and we can arrange for a PayPal purchase. If your bank is unable to transfer RMB (most banks nowadays will not allow this unfortunately) you are more than welcome to send ether as Dolar or Euro and master tang will exchange it for you. Hope you will be satisfied with your new online course. And if you have any questions at all, or feedback of any kind, feel free to contact us at